This guide will help you improve RAG accuracy by as much as 35% and optionally monitor your accuracy with only one line of code.

If you just want to observe your pipeline without changing behavior, check out the observe quick start guide

1. Create an Account

Go to to create an account- be sure to save the API key generated during onboarding or get one from the API keys page

2. Install the Pongo Client

3. Semantic Filter with Pongo

Run your pipeline and pass the top ~200 results to Pongo along with your query, then you’ll get the top-k back in order of relevance for use in your application!

You can also enable observability at this step by

4. Check your observability results

Check out How we calculate accuracy to learn how our algorithm works
If you enabled observability at the previous step, you’ll be able to view your results on the analytics dashboard. You’ll also get your first weekly email report!

5. Set up alerts

For high-performance applications, you can use the alerts page to get notifications when queries with certain log metadata return with no relevant context. (learn more)