With Pongo, you can set up alerts to get email notification every time certain queries run without any relevant context. This is when your user would see a hallucination or an “I don’t know” from the LLM.

For instance, you could get an email whenever a customer has a query missing context within the first X times they use your product, or every query for a given high-priority account.

Setting up alerts

Alerts are managed through the alerts dashboard, you can create as many alerts as you’d like, but only members of your Pongo organization can be notified.

Want to create alerts via API? Shoot us a message at info@joinpongo.com

Handling alerts

If you have saving queries enabled, you’ll be able to unencrypt and download queries, see saving queries for more info

Weekly reports

In addition to email alerts, Pongo also sends a weekly report summarizing your performance for that week.